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AirAllé™ Device Technology

"The New Standard of Care for Treating Head Lice"

The FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device provides a revolutionary new way to kill head lice without using pesticides or other chemicals. Clinical studies have shown the that device, which uses only controlled heated air, provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice, including lice eggs.

The AirAllé™ service is a one-time treatment solution with limited to no parental follow-up treatment required.
  • FDA cleared device.
  • Clinical studies show it kills 99.2% of nits
  • No pesticides, toxins, or chemicals used.
  • Kills lice and their eggs.
  • Lice free guarantee! See treatment details below.
LouseBuster device
AirAllé™ heated air device kills both bugs and eggs (nits).
Individuals bring treated with the AirAllé™ heated air device...
  • Must be 4 years old or older.
  • Must be able to sense pain and communicate discomfort.
  • Must not have had any cranial implants or recent radiation treatments.
  • Must not have any open sores on the head.

Heated Air Head Lice Treatment

AirAllé™ heated air technology zaps lice and nits immediately!
  • This FDA-cleared medical device kills lice and 99.2% of eggs/nits on day 1!
  • The service includes a detailed comb-out to remove dead lice and nits.
  • $175 per individual.
  • One complimentary recheck in 5-10 days per family at our treatment center for the individuals treated with the AirAllé™
  • 30 day extended warranty if all family members in the household are screened and treated by Lice Busters St. Louis. See warranty details...
  • There may be an additional service charge for very long hair (waist level) or severe infestations that require over 1.5 hours of combing.
  • Head lice screenings for additional family members are $15 per head and are strongly encouraged.

Information on the FDA-Cleared AirAllé™ Device

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We are 1/4 mile from Highway 44. Parking and entrance are in the rear of the building.
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St. Louis Head Lice Treatment Center

Visit our head lice treatment center in Webster Groves.
We're located in the yellow building.

AirAlle Heated Air Head Lice Treatment Device

Lice Busters St. Louis is the only lice treatment service in the area with the FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device.

Head lice comb catching lice

Head lice comb catching lice.

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