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Head Lice Treatment and Prevention Products

Do it yourself! We have the professional products to do the job right.

Lice Busters St. Louis uses and sells the best non-toxic products on the market.

Head Lice Treatment Products

  • Bye Bye Lice Shampoo — $32
  • Terminator Professional Lice Comb — $18
  • Lice Neutralizer Oil — $32 (4oz individual size, $18)
  • Nit-free Mousse — $18
  • Happy Beds Laundry Additive — $25
  • Shower Caps — $2 (pack of 10)
  • Happyheads™ product details

Head Lice Prevention Products

  • Scootie Cootie non-toxic 8 oz spray repellent — $18 (2oz travel size, $7)
  • Terminator Professional Lice and Nit Removal Comb — $18
  • Scootie Cootie Organic Lice Prevention Shampoo — $18
  • Scootie Cootie Organic Leave-In Conditioner and De-Tangler — $18
  • Happyheads™ product details

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Lice Busters St. Louis
7923 Big Bend Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo. 63119

We are 1/4 mile from Highway 44. Parking and entrance are in the rear of the building.
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St. Louis Head Lice Treatment Center

Visit our head lice treatment center in Webster Groves.
We're located in the yellow building.

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Happyheads™ products

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