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St. Louis Head Lice Treatment Center
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Head Lice Treatment and Screenings

One and Done Heat Treatment

Be Done with Head Lice Today!

AirAllé™ heated air technology zaps lice and nits immediately!

  • This FDA-cleared medical device kills lice and 99.2% of eggs/nits on day one!
  • The service includes a detailed comb-out to remove dead lice and nits.
  • $195 per individual.
  • One complimentary recheck in 6-8 days at our treatment center for the individuals treated with the AirAllé™
  • 30 day optional warranty (See warranty details) if all family members in the household are screened and treated by Lice Busters St. Louis. See warranty details...
  • There may be an additional service charge for very long hair, very thick hair, or severe infestations that require over 1.5 hours of combing.
  • Head lice screenings for additional family members are $15 per head when completed on the day of initial treatment.
Air Alle professional heat lice treatment

Professional Head Lice Comb-Out Treatment

For our clients who do not qualify for the heat application, we offer professional comb-out and a non-toxic lice killing treatment.

  • Traditional treatment combines our expert combing techniques and tools with an excellent non-toxic lice-killing product.
  • This can be an inexpensive option for those who have light cases or short hair.
  • $140 per hour (charged $35 per 15 minute increments).
  • Requires a second treatment 7 days later to cover the hatching period.
Professional head lice treatment

Head Lice Screenings

Are you worried that you or your child have lice?

Don't wait, we can tell you with a quick 5-15 minute appointment.

  • $25 for first person in the household and $15 for additional family members within the same household.
  • Fee is waived for an individual if lice is identified and treatment is elected.
Professional head lice removal

What Do I Do Now?

Planning Your Visit

Everyone in the household should arrive with clean, brushed and detangled hair with no hairspray or other products in the hair to make it easy to comb.

Plan your drive to our Webster location: 7923 Big Bend Blvd. Webster Groves, MO  63119 

(Parking and entrance is in the back of the building).

Plan your drive to our Chesterfield location: 173 Long Rd Suite Chesterfield, MO  63005 

(Parking in front of building: Click here to see overhead view).

If you can, please print and complete this registration form (this can also be done at the salon).

Cleaning Your House

First, don’t panic. These bugs infest hair, and not houses.

Wash used bedding, towels, and clothing and dry on a high heat setting.

Take used hair brushes, remove any hair, and wash with warm, soapy water.

After treatment, be sure that everyone is sleeping on fresh bedding.

It's Midnight ... What Do I Do?

First, don’t panic.

When you discover lice, it’s likely that you have been living with it for a while.  It won’t hurt you or cause any medical issue.

Our shop is closed right now, but go ahead and call us at 314.329.5423 and leave a message with your name and number, explain your situation, how many family members need to come in, and the times to you have available tomorrow.  

We will call you back first thing in the morning and everything will be taken care of.  

We understand it may be emotional or uncomfortable right now, but don’t try to solve this problem in the middle of the night.  

Put the kids to bed and get some sleep!  Your problem will be solved tomorrow!

Head lice solution for St. Louis

Our Commitment to Your Success

Lice Busters is committed to ensuring your success with head lice treatment.

For clients who receive the heated air head lice treatment and full comb-out, if active head lice are found on the client upon their return visit, which must be within 5-10 days of the initial treatment, then Lice Busters will re-treat at no cost. Treatment type will be based on Lice Busters discretion. Lice Busters will also schedule a 2nd complimentary follow-up appointment within 5-7 days. 

30 Day Warranty

We offer an extended warranty for 30 days from the initial treatment for clients who receive the heated air head lice treatment and a full comb-out.  Qualifications for the warranty are that:

  • All family members in the household (or both households if client lives in two households) are screened by Lice Busters St. Louis.
  • All individuals positive for head lice are treated by Lice Busters St Louis.
  • Affected clients return for their complimentary re-checks (if heat elected) or second combing treatments within 7-9 days of initial treatment.  

Nit Removal - 'I Just Need Help Getting Nits Out'

Sometimes stubborn nits are still left over after home lice treatments.  We can quickly and efficiently remove the nits for you.

  • Thorough and detailed professional comb-out to remove all traces of lice.
  • $140 per hour (charged $35 per 15 minute increments).
  • Average head takes under an hour, although length of hair, thickness of hair and amount of nits can extend or reduce combing time.
Nit removal services
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